PoliticsFriday 12.03.21

3 Things to Know About November's Confusing Jobs Report

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Government shutdown averted. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will continue getting their paychecks after the House and Senate passed a stopgap bill to extend funding for the government through mid-February. And speaking of paychecks, the November jobs report came out — and it’s a confusing one. While the jobless rate fell to an impressive 4.2% only 210,000 jobs were added. Could faulty preliminary figures be to blame? Turning to COVID news, the Omicron variant is on the move. Doctors now believe the new mutation to be 3x more likely to cause reinfection than previous variants. And in sports news, the NFL is NFV (not fully vaccinated). Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been suspended for three games for violating the NFL’s COVID protocols by misrepresenting his vaccination status. Two others have also received suspensions. And over in Silicon Valley, Facebook has been caught doing something shady yet again. According to a new CNN report, the social network sold ads comparing the COVID vaccine rollout to the Holocaust.

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