PoliticsThursday 12.09.21

Ex-Cop Who Killed Daunte Wright on Trial

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The manslaughter trial for the ex-cop who shot and killed Daunte Wright is officially underway. The prosecution is arguing the officer, Kim Potter, violated her training and her oath when she drew her gun instead of her Taser, fatally shooting Wright. The defense is arguing Potter made “a mistake” and is trying to cast the blame on Wright instead: “All he had to do was surrender...and he’d still be with us.” Our Stat of the Day: Businesses are expected to bump up pay an average of 3.9% in 2022. That’s the fastest wage growth since 2008. Also in business news, Kellogg’s employees rejected a contract proposal, with 1,400 workers at the company’s cereal plants choosing to remain on strike. So what is Kellogg’s going to do? Permanently replace them. Not grrrrrreat! And finally in tech news, crypto is going mainstream. WhatsApp has just launched a cryptocurrency payments pilot.

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