The Recount

The Recount

TV news is broken. Too much blather, bad faith, and BS.

At The Recount, we’re reinventing video journalism for the platforms reshaping the news: streaming and social media. We cut through noise, rejecting stale narratives and calling out big lies. Never wasting your time or insulting your intelligence. Driving dialogue instead of mindless division. Featuring voices that challenge your perspective. In an era of information overload, alternative facts, and rampant conspiracy theories, it’s never been more vital to illuminate what matters most: the truth.

We started by covering politics, because our highest calling is to hold powerful interests to account. Now we’re training our sights on the corridors of power in technology, business, and culture.

Because from Washington to Wall Street and from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, The Recount understands that Everything Is Politics.

Executive Team

John Heilemann

Co-Founder and Executive Editor

John Battelle

Co-Founder and CEO

Markham Nolan

Chief Operations Officer

Ryan McRae

Chief Revenue Officer

Emily Allen

SVP, Revenue Operations and Strategy


Slade Sohmer


Brittany Terrell

Executive Producer, Features

Marshall Eisen

Executive Producer, Podcasts

Carolina Valencia

Senior Director, Social Media