PoliticsWednesday 12.01.21

Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Roe v. Wade

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A hugely consequential case hits the Supreme Court. For the first time in decades, the future of abortion rights in America is at stake as the justices consider the constitutionality of a strict Mississippi law. In news that is probably not surprising, though pretty horrifying nonetheless — Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus just 3 days before his first debate with Joe Biden, according to the former president’s chief of staff Mark Meadows. Days later, Trump was hospitalized. In the world of politics, the American Rescue Plan’s expanded Child Tax Credit has reduced food insecurity for families with children — and substantially. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling it “a profound economic and moral victory for the country.” Turning to tech news, specifically the Twitter-verse, there’s a lot of chirping over the platform’s newest policy. The social network will no longer allow the sharing of images or videos of individuals without their consent.

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