PoliticsTuesday 11.16.21

Santa Claus Is Maybe Not Coming to Town This Year

A healthy debate, but no major breakthroughs — that’s how senior officials are characterizing the high-stakes summit between President Biden and President Xi of China. In a marathon virtual meeting, the two discussed trade and human rights concerns before Xi allegedly issued a pointed warning about Taiwan: “Whoever plays with fire will get burnt.” In COVID news, pharma giant Pfizer announced a deal to allow its promising at-home treatment to be made and sold cheaply in 95 developing nations that are home to more than half of the world’s population. The arrangement could completely alter the course of the pandemic. Over in Silicon Valley, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is getting sued by the state of Ohio for misleading the public about the negative impacts of its platforms, especially on minors. And Santa Claus actually might not be coming to town this year. Sorry kids, blame the labor shortage.

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