CultureWednesday 04.27.22

Lakers legend Jerry West says he plans to take his dispute with HBO for its show "Winning Time" to the Supreme Court.

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Former Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Jerry West continues to play offense against HBO, vowing to take his beef against the network all the way to the Supreme Court.

West contends that HBO’s scripted series “Winning Time” about the 1980s dynasty of the LA Lakers, also called the Showtime Era, “makes the Lakers look like cartoon characters.”

Lakers legend Magic Johnson has also taken issue with the show, describing the way in which the show portrays him as "somebody telling you something that wasn’t true” and someone else's opinion about what happened during those years.

Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd recently defended “Winning Time” on his show "The Colin Cowherd Podcast." Cowherd acknowledged that the show takes dramatic liberties in characterizing West, but pointed out that this is what Hollywood does and advised West to “chill out.”

West’s lawyer sent a letter to HBO demanding that the network apologize. HBO shot back in a statement, “The series is not a documentary and is a depiction based on extensive facts and research.”

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