CultureFriday 05.17.24

“You have different political opinions…”: Francis Ford Coppola gestures at Jon Voight while discussing “fascist” trend.

Director Francis Ford Coppola gestured at actor Jon Voight, who is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, while discussing the “trend happening toward the neo-right, even fascist tradition” at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday.

“It’s obvious that in your film there’s hope, but how afraid you are about our future, and what [scares] you the most? Maybe that men like Donald Trump are in charge?” a reporter asked Coppola at a press conference for his new film “Megalopolis,” which features a star-studded lineup of actors, including Voight.

“Well, men like Donald Trump are not at the moment in charge,” Coppola replied. “But, you know, there is a trend happening towards the more neo-right, even fascist, tradition, which is frightening. … Anyone who was alive during World War II saw the horrors that took place and we don’t want we don’t want a repeat of that.”

“I think it’s the role of the artists of films to shine light on what’s happening in the world,” he continued.

“Jon, you have different political opinions —” the director then added, motioning toward Voight down the panel.

“How did you find that out?” Voight responded jokingly.

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