CultureFriday 04.22.22

Colin Cowherd on Jerry West demanding an apology from the creators of HBO show "Winning Time:" "Chill out, Jerry."

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Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd responded to a listener on his show "The Colin Cowherd Podcast," who asked Cowherd for his take on former Los Angeles general manager Jerry West's ire at his portrayal in “Winning Time.” “Winning Time," is the new scripted series about the Showtime era of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s. Jerry West is seeking an apology from the show’s creators.

Cowherd defended the show, saying that this is Hollywood and so “they're going to take your personality quirks or habits and then they're going to embellish them.” He said the Lakers’ late owner Jerry Buss was somewhat of a maverick and playboy, and Cowherd acknowledged the show takes some dramatic liberties by characterizing him like Hugh Heffner. He said Jerry West was known as being a bit of a hothead, so the show decided to make him look like a sociopath in the first few episodes. West demanding an apology will only drive more traffic to the show, Cowherd said.

The movies also embellished Jesus, Cowherd added. If Hollywood can embellish Jesus, they can embellish an NBA executive. 

Cowherd's advice to West? “Chill out, Jerry.”

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