PoliticsTuesday 06.18.24

Maddow: SCOTUS Chief John Roberts "probably the most important person in America" to future of our system of government.

Rachel Maddow said that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is “probably the most important person in America” when it comes to the future of the U.S. system of government while appearing on “The View” Tuesday.

“We’ve all been watching the Supreme Court, and they’re, you know, pretty ethically challenged in my opinion, especially two of them. And even Roberts doesn’t seem to be stepping up to control the— is there anything we can do about it?” Joy Behar, a co-host of “The View,” asked the MSNBC anchor and podcast host.

“Roberts is the right point there. John Roberts is probably the most important person in America right now when it comes to whether we’re going to keep our system of government,” Maddow replied. “Trump’s involved in all this criminal stuff. And so, he and his movement and the whole Republican Party … are saying the American legal system is corrupt and rigged and we ought to get rid of it. That’s not great. What do you have if you don’t have a legal system anymore? But on the other hand, then you’ve got everybody trying to stand up for the legal system and say, it’s not rigged, it’s legitimate, we need to support it. But the Supreme Court is flagrantly corrupt.”

“The blatant corruption of a couple of these Supreme Court justices is John Roberts’ problem,” Maddow continued. “He’s the chief justice and he has to police it to save his court and to save the legal system so we have something to stand up for.”

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