PoliticsWednesday 05.22.24

"I'm not gonna comment on that." House Speaker Mike Johnson asked for his views on Trump "paying off a porn star."

House Speaker Mike Johnson — who last week attended Donald Trump’s hush money criminal trial in support of him — on Wednesday declined to comment about Trump’s payment to Stormy Daniels to cover up an alleged affair.

“You've been very clear about your disdain for the hush money case, but what about the underlying alleged conduct of paying off a porn star to keep this extramarital affair allegedly quiet? You're a deeply religious man, a moral man — does that alleged conduct cause you any concern about the former president's character?” CNN’s Manu Raju asked Johnson during House Republican leaders’ weekly news conference.

“I'm not gonna comment on that,” Johnson responded.

The Louisiana Republican then went on to air out his previously stated grievances about the trial.

“They’re clearly going after President Trump,” Johnson said. “They've had him tied up for weeks in a courthouse when he should be out, have the ability to speak freely in the campaign, and to be around the country.”

“This is clearly by design,” he added. “Everybody knows what's going on. Everybody. If you look at this objectively, there's no way to look at this in any other way.”

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