PoliticsMonday 06.10.24

"I’ll be with you, side by side”: Trump pledges to defend values of an anti-abortion coalition of Christian groups.

Donald Trump on Monday pledged in a virtual speech to defend the values of the Danbury Institute, a coalition of Christian groups known to seek the end of abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

“I know what's happening,” cited Trump in his virtual remarks that lasted less than two minutes. “I know where you're coming from, and where you're going, and I’ll be with you, side by side.”

Trump addressed the Danbury Institute’s Life & Liberty Forum in a pre-taped speech. Previously, Trump noted he would not sign a national abortion ban, but has called state abortion restrictions “a beautiful thing to watch.” While Trump did not comment explicitly on the group’s abortion stance, he vowed to “stand up for our values and for our freedoms.”

“We have to defend religious liberty, free speech, innocent life, and the heritage and tradition that built America into the greatest nation in the history of the world,” Trump said. “But now we are, as you know, a declining nation. And, I might add, we are a seriously declining nation, seriously, seriously, and so sad.”

The Danbury Institute maintains a strong position on abortion, deeming it “child sacrifice.” The coalition’s website notes that they “will not rest until [abortion] is eradicated entirely.”

“[Democrats are] against religion. They're against your religion in particular,” Trump urged in his virtual remarks. “You cannot vote for Democrats, and you have to get out and vote.”

“I know that each of you is protecting those values every day,” Trump added. “These are going to be your years because you're going to make a comeback like just about no other group.”

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