PoliticsMonday 06.10.24

"I'll be running [Infowars], or it won't be here": Alex Jones on uncertain Infowars future before possible liquidation.

Alex Jones on Monday warned about Infowars’ uncertain future ahead of the potential liquidation of his assets to pay Sandy Hook victims' families.

“I’ll be running [Infowars], or it won't be here,” the far-right conspiracy theorist said on Infowars.

Jones spread lies and misinformation about the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, claiming that the massacre, in which 20 first graders and six adults died, was a hoax to restrict American access to guns. Jones falsely claimed that the victims’ families were actors in the conspiracy, leading to families suffering a barrage of death threats and other abuses.

In 2022, a pair of lawsuits ordered Jones to pay more than $1.4 billion in damages for defaming the victims’ families. Jones last week requested to convert his bankruptcy into a liquidation to begin to pay them, following failed talks between Jones and the families to reach a settlement amount and after families had asked a bankruptcy judge in Texas to liquidate Jones' media empire.

“There's a chance they might try to settle at the 11th hour, but I'm not gonna settle for controlling what I say and do,” Jones noted defiantly.

“I'll know Friday whether we're gonna be shut down or not,” continued Jones, who then began to shill products that have been a significant source of revenue. “You get your orders in now. We ship within a day or two, you'll get it. If they say, well, they're shutting down on Friday, you won't — then Infowars is gone.”

Jones added, “Even if we last a few weeks, I'll have to be honest with you and say, I don't think you should order stuff because you may not get it. Okay?”

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