PoliticsWednesday 05.22.24

“I demand his words be taken down”: GOP lawmaker responds to Jim McGovern discussing Trump's indictments on House floor.

Rep. Erin Houchin (R-IN) on Wednesday moved to strike Rep. Jim McGovern’s (D-MA) words from the House record, while he discussed Donald Trump's indictments on the floor.

“We have a presumptive nominee for president facing 88 felony counts, and we're being prevented from even acknowledging it. These are not alternative facts, these are real facts,” McGovern said. “A candidate for president of the United States is on trial for sending a hush money payment to a porn star to avoid a sex scandal during his 2016 campaign, and then fraudulently disguising those payments in violation of the law.”

“He's also charged with conspiring to overturn the election, he's also charged with stealing classified information, and a jury has already found him liable for rape in a civil court,” he continued. “And yet, in this Republican-controlled House, it's okay to talk about the trial, but you have to call it a sham — ”

“We take down his words,” Houchin said.

“It's okay to say the jury is rigged,” McGovern continued.

“I demand his words be taken down,” Houchin said.

“But not that Trump should be held accountable,” McGovern continued. “It's okay to say the court is corrupt, but not Trump is corrupting the rule of law.”

Hours later, Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL) who was presiding over the chamber at the time, ruled that McGovern’s words — which he deemed “offensive” — would be taken down, concluding that a presumed nominee for president should receive the same treatment as a sitting president under the rules of debate, and that alleging the presumptive GOP nominee did something illegal “is not in order.”

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