PoliticsThursday 05.23.24

GOP lawmaker shows prop check at antisemitism hearing: “How much money has Northwestern...received from Qatar sources?”

Rep. Burgess Owens on Thursday presented a prop check at a House hearing on antisemitism and pro-Palestinian college protests and asked Northwestern University's president how much money the college has received from Qatar.

“Mr. [Michael] Schill, now, how much money has Northwestern University received from Qatar sources, including Qatar-connected entities at the Qatar Foundation?” the Utah Republican asked Schill during a House Education and Workforce Committee hearing.

“I don't have the dollar number,” Schill said. “Every dollar has gone to the operation of the campus or the management of the campus.”

Schill was joined by Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to testify on pro-Palestinian protests and respond to allegations of antisemitism on their campuses.

As pro-Palestinian protests were held in dozens of campuses across the United States, many universities relied on police force to bring an end to the demonstrations — at times violently — leading to thousands of students being arrested, a strategy that brought a wave of criticism for administrators. Conservatives, meanwhile, have condemned administrators as not addressing the protests quickly and forcefully.

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