PoliticsMonday 05.20.24

“Don't take my Rudy!”: Whoopi Goldberg mocks Rudy Giuliani after he was served Arizona indictment at his 80th birthday.

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg faked tears and mocked people who reportedly cried when Rudy Giuliani was served the summons for his Arizona election interference indictment at his 80th birthday party Friday.

“Some were crying because they were, like, so upset about this. They were not so upset that he partook in lies about what was happening in the country, but they were upset that he was served,” Goldberg said on Monday, imitating the crying guests.

“Did he really think he could outrun the law?” Goldberg said after her bit.

“I think he did,” said co-host Ana Navarro.

“But then he told everybody where he was,” Goldberg interrupted.

"They had been trying to serve him for weeks and weeks in New York and in Florida. And he had been holed up in his apartment, refusing service, and he thought the deadline was coming and that he was going to be fine,” Navarro said.

“All those people crying, and screaming, and shrieking — ” Navarro continued.

“Rudy! Rudy! Don't take my Rudy!” Goldberg said, imitating the guests again.

“I know it may have ruined Rudy's birthday party, but you know what? Rudy ruined the life of Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, those two poll workers in Georgia. So I'm not going to be shedding any tears,” Navarro said. “He said all sorts of things about them that ruined their lives.”

“But nobody cried for them!” Goldberg replied.

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