PoliticsFriday 03.11.22

CNN's John Avlon on Ukraine: Examining the ongoing crisis

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John Heilemann talks with John Avlon, senior political analyst and anchor at CNN, about the escalation of Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine, the staggering scale and velocity of the Ukrainian refugee crisis and the implications for neighboring countries, and whether Biden is right to predict that Putin’s invasion will leave “Russia weaker and the rest of the world stronger.” They unpack why the Ukraine crisis seems to be resonating with the American public in a way that few foreign policy issues have in recent memory and the role that social media has played in preventing the world from tuning out the conflict. They also unpack Avlon’s new book, Lincoln and the Fight for Peace, Abraham Lincoln’s view that to win the Civil War would require also winning the peace through reconciliation and reuniting the nation — a plan foiled by his assassination — and the lessons his approach holds for presidential leadership, especially in times of extreme polarization.

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