PoliticsThursday 09.15.22

Democracy on the Brink This Midterm Election | Hell & High Water

The Cook Political Report publisher and editor-in-chief Amy Walter and senior editor for House of Representatives Dave Wasserman join John Heilemann on “Hell & High Water” to assess the prospects of both the Democrat and Republican parties at the House, Senate, and gubernatorial levels. Do Democrats have a chance of retaining control of the House and picking up seats in the Senate? Listen to the full conversation on the Hell & High Water Podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts! recount.co/HHW For a more in-depth look at why this midterm election is so crucial for Democrats, check out “Margin of Error,” hosted by The Recount’s Steve Morris, where he breaks down what you need to know leading up to November. recount.co/MOEep1

Hell & High Water