PoliticsThursday 09.08.22

Allen Hughes Says There’s No Confusion About Tupac Shakur’s Death | Hell & High Water

John Heilemann talks with visionary film and television director Allen Hughes about Dear Mama — the sprawling, spellbinding documentary series about the lives and times of hip hop icon Tupac Shakur and his mother, Afeni, a prominent member of the Black Panther Party in the Sixties and Seventies — that Hughes has been working on for much of the past three years. The first episode of Dear Mama premieres on September 15 at the Toronto International Film Festival, with the entire five-part series airing on FX later this year; Hughes's conversation with Heilemann is the first time he has spoken in detail about the project. In this clip, they discuss the hot-eyed feud between hip hop's East Coast and West Coast factions in the Nineties and the still much-debated circumstances surrounding Tupac's murder in Las Vegas in 1996. Listen to the full conversation on the Hell and High Water Podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts!

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