PoliticsFriday 09.30.22

Biden sends message to Putin following nuclear threats and annexation of Ukrainian land before announcing new sanctions.

President Biden sent a message to Russia President Vladimir Putin following Putin’s nuclear threats and annexation of four Ukrainian provinces. Biden then announced that new sanctions would be put into effect today as well. Putin recently held a sham referendum in these four Ukrainian provinces, where reports show some Ukrainians were forced at gun point to vote for the annexation. This comes just a few weeks after Putin announced a mobilization of 300,000 more Russian soldiers, prompting a mass exodus of Russians to neighboring countries to avoid being drafted.

BIDEN: “America's Fleet appeared prepared with our NATO allies to defend every single inch of NATO territory. Svery single inch. So Mr. Putin don't misunderstand what I'm saying, every inch. And I have been in close touch with our allies. We're announcing new sanctions today as well. That include new authorities to sanction anyone who provides political or economic support to Russia's far fraudulent territorial claims. And I've been in close touch with our NATO allies who are united in our resolve to take on his aggression.”

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