CultureMonday 08.29.22

Aaron Rodgers says the NFL called him a "conspiracy theorist" when he said you can get COVID even if you are vaccinated.

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Also, on the side, I had an appeal going with the NFL because I said, look, here's my health issues, here's the protocol I went through, here's the research behind it. Give him 500 pages of research from a number of people that put together case, reviewed studies around Homeopathy, and immunizations, and safety in them. And also the efficacy of them And then I had a conversation with the league and the league said in this conversation, this one, I knew that my PO was definitely not going to happen was they said it's not possible for a vaccinated player person, sorry to contract or transmitted code word if they've been vaccinated. And I said, you got to be kidding me because I showed up and five People non-players five people fully vacs are out with covid. So what are you talking about? And he said, you're a conspiracy theorist. Oh boy.

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