CultureMonday 05.02.22

3 assistant coaches in a discrimination lawsuit against the NFL demand to be heard by a judge instead of an arbitrator.

Brian Flores, former Miami Dolphins head coach along with Steve Wilks and Ray Horton demanded to be heard by a federal judge instead of an arbitrator in a racial discrimination case filed at the court.

Steve Wilks was the Arizona Cardinal’s head coach for one season while Ray Horton was a longtime assistant coach at the league and a head coach candidate for the Tennessee Titans in 2016.

Flores wanted the case to remain with the federal court while his attorney, Douglas Wigdor said that it would be an improper way to resolve the lawsuit because the arbitrator is Roger Goodell, the league commissioner.

Flores filed a federal civil lawsuit in February this year, against the National Football League, the Dolphins, the Titans, the Cardinals, the Denver Broncos, the Houston Texans, and 29 other teams listed as ‘John Doe’.

He alleged racial discrimination within the league in hiring practices, termination practices, and the terms and conditions of employment.

Flores claimed that he was forced to lose despite two winning seasons.

But the league said that the lawsuit had no legal merit and asked the federal judge to dismiss it.









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