PoliticsSaturday 10.08.22

WI Lt. Gov. Barnes (D) defends his support for ending cash bail — which has featured prominently in GOP attack ads.

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor and Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes defended his support for ending cash bail during the Wisconsin Senate debate.

BARNES: “I supported bail reform. Under my plan, dangerous people don't get to buy their way out of prison. Now, Senator Johnson, may not have encountered a problem he can’t buy his way out of but that's not reality for the majority of people in this state. And what has come to light is how people have, unfortunately, used the Waukesha tragedy, even going so far as to use it in commercials re-traumatizing families. Now under my plan, the perpetrator wouldn't be able to get out of if he paid a thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars. This is about keeping people safe by making sure that those who are likely to offend and cause harm do not get to buy their way out of jail. That's the system that we have now and this sort of reform that I support has been supported by Republicans all across the country as well.”

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