PoliticsThursday 06.16.22

The One Thing Trump Didn't Do on January 6th | Hell & High Water

John Heilemann talks with Symone Sanders, former senior adviser and spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, top aide on Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and Bernie Sanders’s 2016 bid, and now host of a new weekend show on MSNBC, Symone. Heilemann and Sanders discuss the launch of the January 6th House Select Committee’s televised hearings, the strength of Liz Cheney’s performance, and the shocking evidence of Donald Trump’s dereliction of duty on 1/6. They also discuss Symone’s memories of being at the DNC that day with VP Harris when they learned that a bomb had planted there. Tune in to the full episode to hear about Symone’s experience growing up Black in Omaha, Nebraska, how she convinced Bernie Sanders to hire her (at just 24 years old, with no presidential-campaign experience) as his campaign press secretary, and a childhood spent acting out (with the help of an imaginary alter ego named Donna Burns) the very role she’s playing now as a TV host.

Hell & High Water