PoliticsThursday 04.28.22

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) mocks Twitter executives as “wokers”: “Most of them eat food only fit for rabbits.”

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), known for making sensational statements, this time took aim at the executives running Twitter, mocking them as “wokers” and adding that wokers are the “crank wing of the Democratic party.”

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has applied the “wokers” label in a derogatory manner to undermine progressive Democrats. In October last year, Kennedy suggested to President Biden – with all the respect he could muster – to “try harder not to suck," advising Biden that he might suck less if he could “stop worrying so much about the wokers.”

In this latest appearance on Fox News, Kennedy also offered his expertise on the dietary and behavior habits of wokers, informing viewers that he is always able to identify wokers because “most of them eat food only fit for rabbits” and that wokers typically enter swimming pools via the stairs. Kennedy also said that wokers “don’t believe in free speech,” but that he does, asserting, “I respect the right of the wokers to have their opinion.”

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