PoliticsMonday 04.25.22

Rep. Jordan threatens Twitter investigation if GOP wins majority: "It always seems to me they go after conservatives."

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Rep. Jordan (R-OH) threatened a Twitter investigation if GOP wins the majority this fall, "It always seems to me they go after conservatives."

Republicans have targeted their criticism over Twitter’s throttling back and censorship of conservative thoughts and opinions on their platform.

Rep. Jordan said that Twitter is like the public square where debates happen, and it should let that happen and have a fair referee.

“Let's have a referee who calls balls and strikes, who doesn't call the game for one side. That's all we've ever asked for. I hope that's the direction it goes and looks like it may be moving that way,” he said.

A group of Republicans has asked Twitter’s board to preserve all records related to Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company, hinting at a potential congressional investigation if the party wins back the majority this fall.

According to reports, Twitter is nearing sealing a deal with Musk, as he bids to take over the company.

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