Raw & UncutTuesday, 07.30.2019

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) questions Gen. John Hyten on his poor record of handing military sexual misconduct during his Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chair Confirmation Hearing

Tuesday, 07.30.2019
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) questions Gen. John Hyten on his poor record of handing military sexual misconduct during his Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chair Confirmation Hearing
Why does Trump repeatedly claim Nancy Pelosi was “dancing in the streets of Chinatown” a week before the first U.S. COVID-19 death? Griffin Hammond tracks the evolution of this peculiar lie.
Saturday, 06.06.2020
Dancing in the Streets of Chinatown?
May unemployment numbers are better than expected, Minneapolis takes steps to reform its police force, and the mayor of D.C. challenges Trump’s power.
Friday, 06.05.2020
D.C. Mayor to Trump: Get Federal Police Out
Media coverage of the protests has focused largely on rioting and looting. These moments of solidarity from across the country deserve better.
Friday, 06.05.2020
Peaceful Protests You May Have Missed
Thousands gather in Minnesota to memorialize George Floyd, military leaders speak out against Trump, and Biden pulls ahead in key battleground states.
Friday, 06.05.2020
Military Leaders Stand Up to Trump
MN prosecutors increase Chauvin’s charge to second-degree murder, Defense Sec. Esper holds a wild ride of a press conference, and Biden closes in on the official nomination.
Thursday, 06.04.2020
Obama Speaks Out As More Charges Brought on Officers Who Killed Floyd
The House may convene to consider legislation to reform policing laws. Here are the proposals the congressional black caucus is spearheading.
Wednesday, 06.03.2020
Will These Protests Lead to Legislation?
Leaders ignore Trump’s call for military mobilization, Biden runs a parallel presidency, and Trump attempts to win back his evangelical base.
Wednesday, 06.03.2020
Biden’s Parallel Presidency, Trump’s Base Play
New developments in the George Floyd case: a civil rights charge against the Minneapolis police department and conflicting autopsy reports.
Tuesday, 06.02.2020
Minnesota Launches Civil Rights Probe Into Minneapolis Police
President Trump and his allies have been blaming Antifa for violent U.S. protests, but it turns out white nationalists are posing as the left-wing group on Twitter.
Tuesday, 06.02.2020
Right-Wing Extremists Busted Posing as Antifa
Trump threatens to deploy the U.S. military to peaceful protests as pressure mounts on Minneapolis officials to charge the other three officers for the death of George Floyd.
Tuesday, 06.02.2020
Trump Threatens Military Mobilization (And Gets a Photo Op)
The outrage over the killing of George Floyd is resonating internationally with major solidarity protests emerging in cities — London, Auckland, Berlin, Toronto, Montréal — around the world.
Monday, 06.01.2020
Solidarity Protests Around the World
As protests for racial justice escalate across the country, dozens of journalists have been arrested, injured, or targeted by police. What does this mean for freedom of the press?
Monday, 06.01.2020
Free Press Under Fire
President Trump is raging a war against the “radical left” as protests turned violent this weekend, prompting state and local leaders to ask Trump to “stop talking.”
Sunday, 05.31.2020
Trump Shifts Blame as Protests Escalate
In the shadow of 100K+ COVID-19 deaths and anguished protests nationwide, Trump’s campaign strategy came into view: Burn the whole thing down.
Sunday, 05.31.2020
Trump Tweets While America Burns
A precinct in flames, a community in pain, an officer in handcuffs. Here’s the latest news from around in the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.
Friday, 05.29.2020
Trump’s Tweet Flagged for “Glorifying Violence”
It’s the phrase Trump tweeted last night and the one everyone’s talking about today — but do you know its racist origins?
Friday, 05.29.2020
"When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts"
Take a look at what’s happening inside the official Trump 2020 app, a self-contained universe for the president’s most loyal supporters.
Friday, 05.29.2020
The Cultural Universe of Trump TV
Trump signs an executive order targeting social media, Minneapolis protests boil over after the killing of George Floyd, and the White House shields grim economic data.
Thursday, 05.28.2020
So About Trump’s Social Media Executive Order...
China is tightening its grip on the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong and cracking down on free speech. Find out what this means for U.S.-China relations.
Thursday, 05.28.2020
U.S. Reacts to China’s Hong Kong Crackdown
Today’s battles: 14 states square up against rising COVID cases, Trump squares up against Twitter’s fact-checking, and NASA squares up against the weather.
Wednesday, 05.27.2020
U.S. Passes 100,000 Deaths as Trump Picks Fight With Twitter