PoliticsWednesday 09.14.22

Police officers arrest protesters at the West Virginia legislature after a near-total abortion ban was passed.

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At the West Virginia legislature, police officers very aggressively handled people protesting the recently passed near-total abortion bill. The bill is expected to be signed with the Governor soon and nearly bans all abortion except in certain situations of rape or incest. The caveat being that a woman is allowed to receive an abortion if she is the victim of rape or incest only if she had previously reported the crime to law enforcement. This likely soon-to-be passed bill is just one in a series of extremely severe legislation restricting a person’s right to an abortion and access since the repealing of Roe v. Wade this past summer. The GOP has thrown the abortion debate back to the states, although Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) recently announced a 15 week nationwide abortion ban in response to the push-back that the Republican Party has gotten all over the country for their lead in strict abortion legislation.

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