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Raw & Uncut - Thursday, 11.21.2019

Pelosi on Impeachment Timeline

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says the House won't wait for the courts' decisions on unanswered subpoenas to draft Articles of Impeachment
Pelosi on Impeachment TimelineRaw & Uncut
Thursday, 11.21.2019
The race for the Democratic nomination is about to become a scavenger hunt for delegates. In the past, candidates usually decided where to hunt for delegates by looking at their proprietary polling data. The weird thing this year? They're all getting data from the same source – Civis Analytics.
The Democratic Scavenger HuntThe Victory Lab
Saturday, 2.22.2020
With the Nevada caucuses fast approaching, the candidates tried their luck in Vegas this week, delivering the most fiery debate yet -- and setting the stage for an even bloodier clash moving forward.
Dems Give Bloomberg Sizzling Vegas WelcomeRecap 2020
Saturday, 2.22.2020
Priorities USA chair Guy Cecil forecasts massive GOP voter suppression campaign ahead
Head of Top Dem Super PAC On Trump’s Not So Secret WeaponThe Center Ring
Saturday, 2.22.2020
On February 12, 2020 we spoke with this South Carolina focus group to hear their thoughts on the upcoming South Carolina primary. These are their thoughts.
South Carolina Focus Group Leaves Biden in the Dust2020 Election
Saturday, 2.22.2020
Wrapping up quite the week with Nevada caucuses on the brain, Sanders and Warren speaking on Bloomberg with disdain, and things over at Intel verging on insane.
The Night Before Nevada \ Sanders & Warren Target Bloomberg \ Russia Meddling AgainThe Daily Recount
Saturday, 2.22.2020
It's illegal. It's risky. But it could be totally worth it. Who are you betting on in this race?
Uncut Dems2020 Election
Friday, 2.21.2020
A debate night debrief, Stone's judge gives him grief, and Trump hires his buddy as intel chief — all in today's Daily Recount.
Debate Recap: Bloomberg Beatdown \ Trump Ally Stone Sentenced \ Loyalist Tapped For Intel Chief \ Trump ASMRThe Daily Recount
Thursday, 2.20.2020
Guy Cecil, head of Priorities USA, on the chaos in the Democratic race.
Top Dem Super PAC Chair Sees Contested Convention PotentialThe Center Ring
Thursday, 2.20.2020
The gloves came off in the ninth debate. Are we really surprised? Here are the spars, spats, and — of course — the substance you need to see.
Fight Night in Vegas2020 Election
Thursday, 2.20.2020
Warren came with her knives sharpened at the ninth democratic debate.
Elizabeth Warren: Knives Out2020 Election
Thursday, 2.20.2020
Are we sure this aired on NBC and not E! or Bravo?
Debate Night Reality Show2020 Election
Thursday, 2.20.2020
If only the ninth Democratic debate was the sole thing to focus on today. Instead, we have pardons galore and a felony poll tax no more on today's Daily Recount.
What Happens in Vegas \ Beg Your Pardon \ Florida Felon Voting Rights \ Pander ExpressThe Daily Recount
Wednesday, 2.19.2020
Some conservatives in Oregon are petitioning to leave the state, but they’re not planning to move. The Greater Idaho Group is proposing redrawn state lines to make rural Oregon part of Idaho instead.
Welcome To Greater IdahoBonus Stories
Wednesday, 2.19.2020
Bloomberg's set to take the stage, the president's official pardons enrage, and an Obama vs. Trump economic gauge — all on our equivalent of a front-page.
Bernie-Bloomberg Battle \ Trump's Controversial Clemency \ Obama Economy Vs. Trump Economy \ Neva-DuhThe Daily Recount
Wednesday, 2.19.2020
Get ready — we've got a "new" face at the debate tomorrow. Let's take a look at Bloomberg's past debate performances:
Bloomberg Debate History2020 Election
Tuesday, 2.18.2020
Well, Mike Bloomberg and Bill Barr have some explaining to do... find out why in today's Daily Recount:
Bloomberg Takes Fire \ AG Barr in Hot SeatThe Daily Recount
Sunday, 2.16.2020
Liz Plank is in New Hampshire talking to voters about the possibility of a woman in the White House.
Just Because We Haven’t Had A Woman President Doesn’t Mean We Never Can2020 Election
Sunday, 2.16.2020
As we hurdle toward Super Tuesday, two scenarios become increasingly likely to play out among the Democrats.
The Bloomberg FactorRecap 2020
Saturday, 2.15.2020
Dry ham by the gram, brainwashed clams pushing a scam, and Dems caught on cam that make us say god damn — all here on This Week in Bullshit.
Graham, Meadows, and BloombergThis Week in Bullshit
Saturday, 2.15.2020
Trump knew about that Barr interview after all, Mexico doesn’t appear to be paying for the wall, and Bernie supporters are ready to brawl.
The Trump-Barr Relationship \ Who's Paying For the Wall? \ Nevada Non-Endorsement \ Kilmeade KilljoyThe Daily Recount
Saturday, 2.15.2020
If you thought the Iowa caucuses were bad, just wait for Nevada...
How to Screw Up a Caucus, Nevada-StyleThe Victory Lab
Saturday, 2.15.2020
The DOJ is in disarray, Bloomberg’s got hell to pay, and a big debate in New York is underway.
Justice Dep't in Disarray \ Bloomberg Facing $crutiny \ Trump vs. New YorkThe Daily Recount
Friday, 2.14.2020
What makes for a good presidential ad? Fred Davis says it’s the one that makes you go, “I wish that was my dad.”
Bloomberg vs. Biden: Republican Ad Maker Rates Democratic AdsAdman Reacts
Friday, 2.14.2020
John Heilemann and Jennifer Palmieri talk to Bernie Sanders’s senior adviser Jeff Weaver about the challenge of unifying the Democratic party behind the eventual nominee.
Top Bernie Sanders Adviser on Party UnityThe Center Ring
Thursday, 2.13.2020
Bernie’s up by a bit, but dems are torn. Meanwhile at the DOJ, we’ve got a big ol’ firestorm.
New Hampshire Winners \ Sanders vs. the Moderates \ Justice Dep't FirestormThe Daily Recount
Thursday, 2.13.2020
A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Idlib, Syria due to Turkish conflict. In just two months, nearly 700,000 Syrians have fled their homes.
Syria’s Humanitarian CrisisBonus Stories
Wednesday, 2.12.2020
When Bernie declared victory in New Hampshire last night, the energy in the room was undeniable.
Bernie Wins New Hampshire2020 Election
Wednesday, 2.12.2020
The wins and losses and the highlights and lowlights of the NH primary — all right here, right now, in under 5 minutes.
Sanders Wins New Hampshire \ New Hampshire Takeaways \ Yang Drops Out2020 Election
Wednesday, 2.12.2020
What a campaign from Andrew Yang. He brought UBI and other issues to a national stage — he also had a lot of fun out there.
Andrew Yang Drops OutBonus Stories
Wednesday, 2.12.2020
First 2020 primary sets the tone, a Bloomberg tape that will make you groan, and what the hell is going on with Roger Stone?
New Hampshire Votes \ Damning Bloomberg Tape Surfaces \ Justice Department RevoltThe Daily Recount
Wednesday, 2.12.2020