PoliticsFriday 10.21.22

Herschel Walker (R) criticizes his opponent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) for plans to campaign with former President Obama.

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Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker criticized his opponent, Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, for plans to campaign with former President Barack Obama. There has been extensive media coverage over which Democratic candidates have requested President Biden comes and campaigns for them and which candidates have requested he does not.

WALKER: “You either voting with him 96% of the time or you don’t know what the crap he will do. So which one is it? You tell me what it is, you either like him or you don't like him, you know, you don't want to come campaign with him, now he's bringing Obama down. All the while doesn't know where he's coming down, but he doesn’t even live here. He made a lot of money to, didn’t he? So Warnock, what is he doing? What is he going to do here for us? He's not voting with 96% of the time with Biden. Oh, this guy is. So I'm saying, guys, it is time for us to stand up. It's time for us to come together.”

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