PoliticsTuesday 10.18.22

Deputy AG Lisa Monaco announces a French cement company, Lafarge SA, has pleaded guilty for conspiring with ISIS.

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Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced that a French cement company, Lafarge SA, pleaded guilty for conspiring with ISIS.

MONACO: “In the summer of 2014, the world watched in horror as ISIS murdered innocent journalists and aid workers. That same summer LaFarge was in business with ISIS, securing profits and market share and capitalizing on the group's brutality. Make no mistake, LaFarge and its leadership had every reason to now exactly with whom they were dealing. They didn't flinch. Instead, LaFarge forged ahead working with ISIS to keep operations open, undercut their competitors and maximize revenue. And all the while through their support and funding, LaFarge enabled the operations of a brutal terrorist group. As also reflected in today's guilty pleas, in one e-mail LaFarge Executives discussed how the company could share the cake with ISIS - the cake being a callous reference to the profits that LaFarge planned to reap with its illicit partnership. When that partnership ended, when it came to a close, the defendants moved to cover their tracks but the investigation uncovered the emails LaFarge executives tried to hide.”

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