PoliticsMonday 06.17.24

"Cowards cover their faces": NYC Mayor Eric Adams says he supports a proposed mask ban on the subway and at protests.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, on Monday said he strongly supports a proposed mask ban on the subway and at protests, dismissing health concerns.

“I'm a strong supporter of the decision of stopping masks on our subway system, masks in protests, and masks in other areas where it's not health related,” Adams said in a press conference with reporters.

The mayor suggested that the decision would help curb violent protests and “despicable behavior” in the city.

“Masks are not new and covering your face while you do terrible things is not new. There were these guys that used to ride around with hoods in the deep south. So, cowards cover their faces. If you believe in something, then stand up and show your face and believe it and talk about it,” Adams continued.

The mayor also said he has asked storekeepers to have people pull down their face masks before entering their businesses — even temporarily.

“It's all about a question, someone has a mask and they ask if you're wearing a mask for health reasons, people could respond. So it's all about the proper implementation,” Adams added.

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