PoliticsFriday 02.09.24

CO Sec. of State hits SCOTUS suggestion that Trump should stay on ballot because one state shouldn’t determine election.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) on Friday pushed back on the U.S. Supreme Court’s suggestion that Donald Trump should stay on the ballot, after justices questioned why one state should determine a federal election.

“I found that line of argument or questions from the Supreme Court justices a little ironic because if they are looking at the politics of how the Constitution should work — if they are concerned that one state can flip a presidential election — well, then, they better go and do another review to all the voter suppression laws in Georgia, which are there to try to suppress the vote of certain people. They should then go to Florida, and Texas, and Montana,” Griswold told CNN.

“Every single state that has tried to restrict the vote for electoral gain under the Supreme Court's now-concern about that, should be susceptible to this line of argument,” Griswold said.

Griswold also defended the state of Colorado’s decision to tentatively remove Trump from the 2024 ballot, citing the 14th Amendment's insurrection clause and arguing he is ineligible to serve as president for his role on January 6th.

“How one state has that ability, is the United States Constitution, which gives states the ability to regulate our elections. And Colorado has for decades and decades kept ineligible candidates off our ballots, as have other states.”

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