PoliticsFriday 06.28.24

"[Biden] had a brain fart twice": Fox News' Sean Hannity declares Joe Biden's presidential debate "a disaster."

Fox News host Sean Hannity declared Joe Biden's presidential debate performance "a disaster" Thursday night, saying “he had a brain fart twice during the debate”:

“Guys, in the history of modern televised presidential debates, I don't think America has ever seen anything like this. I wrote down some adjectives, and I'm going to just read a few of them off to you. It was the biggest train wreck of any presidential candidate ever. Britt is right. From the minute he spoke at the opening of the debate, he sounded awful. He started with speedy talk. He looked terrible. Maybe the worst part of all of this is when he wasn't even speaking, he was staring out like an empty vessel, or vacant to use Martha's words. He was incoherent. This is after a full week of prep, mumbling, bumbling, stumbling, dazed, confused, struggling. You know, he had a brain fart twice during the debate. It was a disaster.”

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