PoliticsMonday 04.25.22

Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy gives update after Sec. of State Blinken and Defense Sec. Austin visited Kyiv yesterday.

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine held a news conference today, providing an overview of his meeting with Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III. The two U.S. officials arrived in Kyiv on Sunday to show United States support for the beleaguered country as it defends itself against the Russian invasion. 

Through closed caption translation, Zelenskyy indicated that he was pleased with the talks with Secretary Blinikin and Secretary Austin, stating they extended beyond three hours. Zelenskyy characterized the discussions as meaningful, encouraging, and effective.

Zelenskyy expressed gratitude to the people of the United States and President Biden for the support Americans continue to show as Ukraine defends itself against Russian aggression. Zelenskyy said that these acts strengthen not only Ukraine, but democracy as a whole. President Biden recently authorized sending $800 million more in military aid to support and $500 million dollars in direct economic assistance to Ukraine. 

Zelenskyy added that Ukraine shares the same understanding with the United States: “When democracy wins in one country, it wins all over the world, “ and suggested that defending freedom in Ukraine is helping to defend freedom across the world. 

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