PoliticsThursday 04.21.22

President Biden announces another $800 million in aid to bolster Ukraine's military efforts in the Donbas region.

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President Biden announced that the United States would send an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine to support the beleaguered nation and augment its ability to fight in the Donbas region against the Russian invasion. 

The president stated that the package includes “heavy artillery weapons, howitzers and 144 thousand rounds of ammunition.” The president also said that the package includes more tactical drones. 

Biden noted that in the past two months, the United States has sent weapons and equipment to Ukraine at what he described as “record speed.” The president highlighted military aid that the United States has already sent, including “thousands of anti-armor and anti-missile helicopters, drones, grenade launchers, machine guns, rifles, radar systems. Biden said the United States has also sent Ukraine over 50 million rounds of ammunition and anti-armor systems. 

To further aid Ukraine in its defense against the Russians, the president said that the United States also plans to continue sharing "significant timely intelligence” and facilitate the flow of weapons and systems to Ukraine from other allies and partners.

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