CultureTuesday 04.26.22

WWE legend Ric Flair gets emotional remembering the death of his son: "He was on my watch."

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Ric Flair, celebrated WWE wrestling superstar, gets emotional remembering the death of his son Reid Flair.

During an interview on The Pivot, WWE hall-of-famer Ric Flair reflected on the death of his son Reid, who died of a drug overdose nearly nine years ago. He also talked about the time when it was thought he had only a 5% chance of recovery during his battle with kidney failure.

While talking about the episode, which he had previously outlined in 30 for 30, Flair said that when he returned home after an evening out with his friends, he saw his son collapse on the floor. He had faced this scenario several times before, so he decided to put him back to bed instead of calling 911.

But when he went to call his son in the morning to go to WrestleMania, he found an overdosed Reid who “was purple again, which I've seen, and, that Narcan didn't work the same.”

It was then that he realized that Reid didn’t make it.

“I just, I was in shock,” he said.

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