CultureSaturday 05.21.22

The Worst People in Sports, Part 2: Jerry Jones

LZ and Will continue their takedowns of the worst people in sports. This week, their unforgiving gaze is on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Will laments “the fact that Jerry Jones can do commercials and be seen as this lovable rogue, when he is the epitome of the evil billionaire sports owner.”

LZ is no Jones fan himself, but he highlights just how beloved Jones is by NFL players who have played under him. “These guys love him, man. Former players still show up to Dallas just to hang out with Jerry. I don't know any other owner that gets it like that.” Whether in good faith or not, Jones has signaled to players that they’re all in this together. “What Jerry has perfected is the presentation of partnership while still very much maintaining the separation of owner and player.”

Will also compares Jones to Donald Trump in that he represents a larger-than-life model for anyone aspiring to glamor and the limelight, even though he’s far from being a self-made man. “He's kind of an avatar for a certain sort of American, or even Texan,” Will says about Jones. “But it’s bad that we celebrate that.”

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