CultureThursday 03.31.22

Why We Love To Hate Coach K

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Many sports fans love rooting against certain players and franchises as much as they appreciate cheering for their heroes and favorite teams.

Case in point: Mike Krzyzewski took his Duke Blue Devils to the Final Four of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament for the 13th time over the weekend (which is one more than the legendary John Wooden). To his disappointment, Will wasn’t just rooting for an underdog team like St. Peters to win. What he really wanted was for Duke to lose. Both he and LZ have spent considerable time — including on The Long Game — sharing a dislike for Coach K and Duke. But now that Krzyzewski is finally retiring after 42 years in Durham, Will realizes he’s going to miss not being able to revel in Coach K’s disappointments anymore, as rare as they may be.

LZ and Will talk about the joy of hate-watching sports, and about which players and teams are most detestable.

The Long Game