BusinessMonday 05.16.22

“The View” guest co-host Ana Navarro says Fox News and advertisers are spreading hate for profit.

Ana Navarro, the political strategist and commentator, expressed her rage toward Fox News and advertisers for spreading hate and racism.

While speaking on “The View” today, Navarro criticized the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York that claimed the lives of 10 people and called out the Republican lawmakers for being a part of it.

The shooter was allegedly a white supremacist who targeted a grocery store in Buffalo, NY frequented by the local Black community.

Navarro pointed out that her friend and former House Speaker Paul Ryan was also a part of the problem because he was on the board. She said that Republican donors who tweet and say how bad they feel but donate to people like Elise Stefanik are also part of the problem. She also hinted at the “replacement theory” that is going around for quite a while.

“I'll tell you what great replacement theory should be. We should replace all these people peddling hate and making financial and political gain from spreading racism. We should replace them,” Navarro said.







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