CultureFriday 10.14.22

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah says his decision to leave the show is "a joyous thing" and shares his future plans.

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“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah said his decision to leave the show is "a joyous thing" and shared his future plans while on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

FALLON: “You kind of shocked the world, you shocked me at least a couple weeks ago. You announced that you're leaving The Daily Show.

NOAH: “Right. Yes.”

FALLON: “And that your last show is December 8th.”

NOAH: “That is indeed correct.”

FALLON: “Why?”

NOAH: “Um, why not? You know that, you know what I think is, it's funny how people ask, like people ask you this question as if you telling them bad news. Yeah you know and I can understand that but I think I think everybody has gone through a period of looking at their lives. You know every single person, we were in our apartments for two years, you know, the world changed. We experienced collective grief. I think if you don't look at your life and think about what you'd like to do differently than you haven't experienced what we've all experienced, you know? And so I think of this as a joyous thing. I, you know, I lived through a crazy time, I shared it with with people who are kind enough to share it with me, we went through something and what's on the other side. I don't take anything for granted anymore. I don't believe that life is a given. I don't assume that things will come to me. And so, you know I just go like is this it? This is time. And leave when people say why are you leaving, cause imagine if it was the other way around. I go like I'm leaving and people are like, yeah.

FALLON: “It's about time. Leave when people go, why?”

NOAH: “Leave when it’s still good. Leave when you still love it. Leave when you still have the energy to enjoy it. I still have three months to have a ton of fun with everybody at the show and I'm going to do that.”

FALLON: “Do you have plans on what you're going to do next?”

NOAH: “Everything, everything, everything. I'm gonna get, I'm gonna get drumming lessons from Quest. Get our drumming lessons going. You know what, I am so excited to do everything. I didn't get to travel as much doing stand-up around the world. I'm excited too. I used to go to a country and I would be there for weeks on end. I would learn the parts of the language, I would learn about the culture and do a show based around that. I'm going to get back to doing that. Producing. You know, like just working behind the camera, working on different ideas, you know, going back home, spending more time with family in South Africa. Everything is what I'm going to be doing.”

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