CultureThursday 10.06.22

Stephen A. Smith on Coach Ime Udoka’s suspension from the Celtics for workplace relationship: “That was an HR matter.”

Sports Journalist Stephen A. Smith had some interesting thoughts on how the Boston Celtics handled Head Coach Ime Udoka’s suspension from the Celtics for a workplace relationship. Ime Udoka had a consensual relationship with a Boston Celtics’s staff member and he will be suspended for the entire upcoming basketball season.

SMITH: “There's no excuse for him to find himself in that position that he was in. But my position religiously was, it's none of our business. There's no reason on Earth that you can justify to me why the Boston Celtics had that press conference while we're having this discussion. That was an HR matter. I've been covering sports for almost 30 years, I'm telling you every year there’s stories like this every year, you don't see it being discussed, you hear about the cat get fired, then you hear rumors as to why but you don't know. It's not validated by the organization.”

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