CultureThursday 08.25.22

Singer Demi Lovato tells a story about her team barricading her into her room to make sure she wouldn't snack.

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I've never talked about this before, but there was one time where I had binged and purged one night and I came clean to my team and said, hey, this happened, you know, I snuck out of my hotel room because they didn't let me have phones in my hotel rooms because they didn't want me to call room service. I didn't have food and my hotel room like snacks in the minibar because they didn't want me to eat the snacks. Ellen talked about this on her show where they cleared the dressing room of like, all sugar before I would get in there. She was, like, I remember that and they after I told them what had happened, my security guard walked by my room or was made aware that they had built. They like barricaded me and to my hotel room, they put Furniture outside of my door so that I couldn't get out and sneak out and eat if I wanted to. And So, it was that level of controlling when it came to my food, which just made my eating disorder worse.

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