PoliticsFriday 05.20.22

Rep. AOC (D-NY) goes off on Republicans for “forcing their opinions” on women’s bodies.

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went off on Republicans during an Instagram Live, saying that they are trying to take women's bodies and use them how they want without women’s consent. 

“No man, no person can ethically take your body,” she said but noted that this is what Republicans were doing in their efforts to restrict women from getting abortions.

AOC said that Republicans were forcing themselves and their opinions on women's bodies, adding that they were not just violating women's rights but also the rights of trans and non-binary people. She was so passionate that she admitted that she was doing her best not to curse. She compared the "horrifying anti-choice forced birth laws” to rape culture, saying there was a direct through-line.

In the meantime, the Oklahoma legislature has approved a bill that would prohibit most abortions in the state beginning at fertilization. Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin Stitt needs to sign the bill for it to become law. Stitt recently told Fox News that he believes “God has a special plan for every single life and every single child.” 

If Stitt signs the bill, it would be the strictest abortion law in the nation.

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