PoliticsTuesday 05.17.22

President Biden in Buffalo: "What happened here is simple and straightforward: terrorism. Domestic terrorism."

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Buffalo today to pay their respect to the victims of the mass shooting and to speak to the family members of those affected.

While speaking at the press conference Biden said, “What happened here is simple and straightforward terrorism. Domestic terrorism”.

He said that the media, politicians, and the internet have aided “radicalized, angry, alienated, lost and isolated individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced”.

Biden emphasized the word “replaced” and said that individuals think that they will be replaced by people who do not look like them and believe them to be “lesser beings”.

He condemned those who spread the lie for their own political gain or for profit and encouraged the people to stand up during this testing time. He urged them to stop believing the people who pretend to love America but instead fuel hatred and racism across the country.



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