PoliticsTuesday 05.17.22

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden pay their respects to victims of the mass shooting in Buffalo.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden lay flowers at Buffalo mass shooting site today.

On May 14, 2022, an 18-year-old white man opened fire at a Tops Friendly Markets grocery store killing 10 people and injuring three. The store is on the eastern side of the city in a predominantly Black neighborhood. 11 of the 13 victims in the massacre were Black.

A statement from the President said that he and the first lady were praying for the victims and their families of the Buffalo mass shooting.

Though the law enforcement was trying to find out the motive behind the shooting, Biden said, “Any act of domestic terrorism, including an act perpetrated in the name of a repugnant white nationalist ideology, is antithetical to everything we stand for in America. Hate must have no safe harbor.”

In a 180-page document allegedly written by the shooter, he mentions white supremacy and the “replacement” conspiracy theory.

While talking about gun violence and mass shootings on “The View”, co-host Ana Navarro expressed her rage that people were spreading hate for profit.


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