PoliticsTuesday 11.01.22

President Biden expresses exasperation about Republicans ignoring his administration's deficit reduction policies.

President Biden expressed his frustration at being labelled a big-spending Democrat, when his expenditure had such an impact on the federal deficit. President Biden was delivering remarks on protecting Social Security and Medicare and lowering prescription drug costs. His speech on drug pricing in Florida is part of his mid-term campaigning on the back of passing the Inflation Reduction Act, warning that Republicans would repeal it & threaten social security and Medicare.

BIDEN: Let me say something I want to point something out they talk about big-spending Democrats. Yeah. I spend a lot of money to do these things but guess what? I cut the deficit in half. Federal deficit, this year alone, one trillion four hundred dollar reduction, four hundred billion dollars, reducing the debt. And last year 350 billion dollars reducing debt. Give me a break. I'm so sick and… I shouldn't get going. Come on, man. I mean it’s just amazing. No, that's a fact as my granddaughter, she always used to say, Google it, you know, I'm serious.

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