PoliticsWednesday 09.28.22

Popstar Lizzo twerks in the Library of Congress while playing James Madison's crystal flute.

Watch this hilarious moment where Lizzo twerks while playing James Madison’s crystal flute in the Library of Congress. Lizzo is a three time Grammy award winning popstar known for her flute skills and body positivity. She is a classically trained flautist and was allowed to play the flute at her concert in Washington D.C. The crystal flute is over 200 years old and was once owned by the fourth president of the United States, James Madison. This flute had never been played before, making Lizzo the first person to play the flute and hear its unique sounds. Capitol police escorted the flute to Lizzo’s concert, waited for her to play the flute on stage, and then escorted it back to the Library of Congress. Lizzo is infamous for twerking while playing the flute.

LIZZO: “It won’t let me do it. Sorry James Madison and his wife, Mrs. Madison. Um, alright I’m just gonna get it.”

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