CultureSaturday 01.29.22

The Lakers Are Flailing, But Don’t Blame LeBron James

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LeBron James could be on his way to another scoring title this season — no thanks to the slumping Los Angeles Lakers he’s a part of. So where does the buck stop for the team’s struggles? LZ and Will go through the candidates, including general manager Rob Pelinka, for some ill-advised off-season moves.Sources say coach Frank Vogel’s job is in serious jeopardy, as the team struggles in 9th place in the Western Conference. Vogel is being evaluated on a game-to-game basis and could be fired if the team doesn’t show quick progress. Meanwhile, former superstar guard Russell Westbrook was benched down the stretch as the Lakers lost to the Indiana Pacers recently. Westbrook left the bench before the game ended and didn’t stick around to talk to the press.LZ and Will also talk about Russell Westbrook’s shoddy performances overall, and Anthony Davis’s admittedly tough break of being injured so often. And of course, they also talk about LeBron James himself.

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