PoliticsTuesday 10.04.22

Justice Sonia Sotomayor calls out Justice Samuel Alito in AL redistricting case: "Justice Alito gave the game away."

Justice Sonia Sotomayor called out Justice Samuel Alito in the Alabama redistricting case. In Merrill v. Milligan, the Supreme Court will be deciding an extremely important case regarding gerrymandering. After the 2020 Census, Alabama redid their congressional redistricting map for 2021 that was drawn by the state's GOP-legislature. Although 27% of the state is Black, Black voters would only hold a majority in one of the state’s seven congressional districts. The result of this case will have an immense impact on the Voting Rights Act.

SOTOMAYOR: “Justice Alito gave the game away when he said race neutral means don't look at community of interest because it's a proxy for race. Regrettably that is what it is in many situations, that's why Mobile and Bolden are together. No matter what they talk about being around the river or not, that has a very little to do with anything other than race.”

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