CultureSaturday 02.26.22

How Deborah Scott Dedicated Her Life to Black Voters | Future History

The state of Georgia shook the world of U.S. politics during the 2020 presidential election when it turned blue for the first time in 28 years, securing the presidency for Democrat Joe Biden. Following Biden’s win, Democrats made history again in Georgia in two special elections, making Democrat Jon Ossoff the first Jewish senator from the state, and Democrat Raphael Warnock Georgia’s first Black senator. Contrary to how media coverage made it seem, the high voter turnout that resulted in these wins was not a miracle or an accident. Georgia STAND-UP CEO Deborah Scott says that the victories were the result of years and years of grassroots organizing. But the historic election year faced immediate backlash by Georgia Republicans with Governor Brian Kemp signing a law that will make it more difficult to vote, particularly for Black and minority voters. Scott, looking at all the progress Black Americans and the state of Georgia have made to date, says she’s not deterred.

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